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We Can Try Gifting With A Vision

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$785 towards $1,000

Thanks for visiting my campaign page. YesLiberia and I are excited to have your support. The YesLiberia board members are covering the cost of this program. This means that 100% of your tax deductible donation will go directly to the children we serve in Liberia.

Join me in creating real change by supporting my campaign to send poor honor roll students in Africa to school. Each year, YesLiberia vets and accepts 100 honor roll students in Africa who cannot afford their tuition through high school. This might seems strange to you, but in many African countries, there is no such thing as free public high schools. These students and their poor parents have to pay their own tuition. A tuition cost of $100 to $250 annually can be a major challenge for a parent who only makes approximately $40 per month. This is the life of 13 year-old Mercy. She and 99 more Liberian children might not be able to finish the school year unless someone is willing to sponsor them. That someone could be you. You could make a real difference in Mercy's life by getting a student like her one step closer to her dream of being a nurse. I launch this campaign with the hope that you will help me reach my fundraising goal to sponsor 10 to 15 students' tuition. If you make a donation right now, and then share the link with others you know, we reach my goal together in the next 20 days.

Your donation will help YesLiberia create opportunities for talent to thrive for 100 dedicated poor students for YESLIBERIA, INC— an organization I faithfully support because of their common-sense approach and process for empowering youth in Africa. Just a small donation will go a long way in helping YesLiberia meet it's goals.